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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Interactive book

       Meet the students of 6A
                                    Collège Marc Chagall - Rouen, France
You can use this book to meet the students of 6A and tell a few things about them. This can be a revision exercise.
Well, let's imagine ...
1. Who they are ( name / age/ country );
2. What kind of boys / girls they are ( character );
3. Who their family members are ( names, age, jobs...);
4. How many pets they have;
5. What their favourite hobbies/ sports are;
6. What talents they have ( school subjects ; art, sports...);
7. How stressful (or not)  their daily routines are; What they usually do;
8. ...and write a short text about each one,ok ?
              You can email your works to me.

Click on the book!

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