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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Adverbs of frequency - exercise

Let's play Bingo and then...
let's do the suggested exercise to use the adequate adverbs...

Adverbs of Frequency

Instructions: Insert an adverb of frequency into each sentence. Choose from always, almost always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, rarely, almost never or never.

Example:        My father ^ goes on business trips.

 1. Our teacher teaches on Tuesday.

 2. Our teacher goes swimming at the university pool.

 3. Our teacher is absent.

 4. Our teacher gives homework for the weekend.

 5. Our teacher brings food into class.

 6. Our teacher is impatient with students who don't pay attention.

 7. Our teacher loses patience when students don't understand.

 8. Our teacher is energetic in class.

 9. Our teacher tells funny stories.

10. There are handouts for students.

11. Our teacher gives exercise pages to students.

12. Our teacher wears jeans to class.

13. Our teacher is formally dressed. (in a business suit or ensemble)

14. Our teacher comes to class on time.

15. I am late for class.

16. I do the homework on Sunday.

17. Our teacher is in class before six o'clock.

18. I don't want to do the homework.

19. I go on trips on the weekend.

20. My classmates are interested in what the teacher says.

21. I buy lottery tickets.

22. I am tired at the end of class.

23. I think about quitting school.

24. My street is noisy.

25. I give money to people who beg on the street.

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