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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Portugal wins the " RIO + 20 Global Youth Music Contest"

This song, an ode to our planet, begins by exalting its beauty, perfection, and geological history. It continues by recognizing the errors committed by humanity in the name of progress and development, and culminates with the desire for change and awakening in each of us: the Earth is a living thing, and like all of us, needs care, love and attention.

Through the tender and innocent voices of youth in the Children's Choir of Santo Amaro de Oeiras--an example of a 50-year-old organization that has survived through collaboration and teamwork--this song strives to deliver its message to the politicians of the world: the future that we want is dependent on our collaborative energy and strength. Together, we achieve more!

The musical content is entirely created by my family: Carlos Gutkin (father), composer and guitarist; Yara Gutkin (daughter), conductor and arranger; Anahí Gutkin (daughter), harp; and Kent Queener (son), accordion.

The lyrics are by Rita Fouto, co-director of FAREDUCA - Education for Sustainability, a business dedicated to educational projects concerning art and the environment.

The video reflects months of our team's work, inspired by love of art and our planet, without financial motivations. We're very pleased by our project and its ties to sustainability and related causes.

We're presenting this vídeo in the GYMC, a Rio 20 music competition. 

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