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Friday, 19 November 2010

Writing and Speaking Tests

Classes 5B and 5C will test their WRITING and SPEAKING skills, next week.
In order to help, I'll give you some information.
The tests will  focus on people's identity, origin , family and favourite things.
Here's an example.
Read what Daniel Radcliffe says about himself,his country ,his family,his interests... and write a similar text about yourselves.

Hello. My first names are  Daniel Jacob and my surname's Radcliff.
My nickname is Dan.
I'm 21 years old. My birthday in on July 23.
I'm from London , the capital city of the United Kingdom. I'm English.
My flag is red,white and blue.
My favourite subject at school was English.
My parents are Alan and Marcie. I'm an only child .*
My pet dogs are Binka and Nugget
London is my favourite city. I love it.
My favourite sport is soccer.
My favourite food is vanilla ice-cream.
My favourite colours are red, green and gold.
Well, see you soon on a cinema near you.
Bye !

* only child - filho único

E-mail your works to me :  ...and I'll correct them.
Please,do not forget to identify yourself .
Thank you.
See you on Monday.
Love from,
Mrs. Barros

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